Murat Özer

Russian State Terrorism Pursue Chechen People In Turkey Too

15:24, 23 Haziran 2012 Cumartesi

Russiakilled 250 thousand innocent people invading Chechnyacontinues to carry its murders in various regions of the world. Russian security intelligence and its gunmen killed Zelimhan Yandarbiyev 2nd president of Chechnya in Qatar in 2004 and Umar Israilov in Austria in 2009 using similar methods. Austria claimed collaborationist Ramzan Kadirov to judge as determined instigator from Russia after investigation. Russian security intelligence murdered previously two Chechen commanders bloodthirstily in Turkey added another murder to its massacre in the midst of people in Istanbul yesterday.

Three Chechen veteran Berg-Khazh Musaev, Rustam Altemirov and Zavrbek Amriev were martyrized by murder yesterday in Zeytinburnu who took refugee inTurkeytogether with their families since they were wounded during resistance to Russian invasion.

It is obvious that these murders are continuation of previous murders committed inIstanbul. We wonder how react security agencies ofTurkeywhich remained silent against murders of Ali Osaev and Islam Canibekov murdered in two assassinations realized by Russian security intelligence and did not show sensitivity against this obvious massacre.

It is interesting that a fast scandal campaign initiated in media about Chechen Muslims murdered and this great massacre was tried to be swept under the rag by slanders such as mafia job, street fight as we witnessed in previous assassinations.

However, dirty faces of people and societies acting to legitimize Caucasia invasion of RussiainTurkeyare revealed once more in this massacre. What could said people and societies trying to mislead Turkish Public with propaganda with falsified news and disinformation like “everything is normal isChechnyaand invasion and resistance is over“ tell about assassinations by Russian security intelligence extended towards our country? Societies visitingChechnyaunder invasion to support Ramzan Kadirov Russian collaborationist cheating people must take lessons from such murders committed!

Turkish Government must immediately pay attention to Caucasian immigrants to whom it did not recognize immigrant status, left legal status hanged on by temporary residence permit and could not protect against assassinations.

It is not acceptable silence of public and authorities against such a barbarity to which our Chechen brothers are exposed who had to leave motherland and reside Turkey. This attitude is a connive at murder and lead up to new murders. Turkish Government act immediately for murders of such people to whom it permitted to reside and took refugee in its land and must pay off related people supported by Russian Government.