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We enlarge our table for Ramadan

We enlarge our table for Ramadan

IMKANDER sets the iftar table in Ramadan for who are in need and affected by the war in all around the world.

The Muslim world are entering the holy month of Ramadan with blood and tears once more.

IMKANDER sets iftar tables in oppressed regions from Syria to Africa, Arakan to Palestine.

There are millions of brothers and sisters of us in various regions of the world who have been forced to immigration. IMKANDER carries the prayers and greetings of our nation to those regions.

We will be guest to the tables of our brothers and sisters thanks to the donations you will make.

If you would like to partake in this charity caravan, you can donate;

2 US Dollar to make contribution to iftar tables

15 US Dollar for food packages

4 US Dollar for the distribution of Holy Qoran in Africa

You can also donate your Alms-Charity (fitrah) and let your zakat reach to the real needers.

CLICK HERE to donate with your Credit Card

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