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İMKANDER puts a smile on the faces of the children of East Gouta

İMKANDER puts a smile on the faces of the children

İMKANDER distributed toys and foodstuff to 1500 children of East Gouta, who took shelter in in the district of al-Bab

At its Gaziantep Representation Office, İnsani Müdafaa ve Kardeşlik Derneği (Humanitarian Advocacy and Fraternity Association – İMKANDER) provided humanitarian aids to the children, who were forced to be evacuated from East Gouta, under siege of Bashas al-Assad in Syria.

Various humanitarian aid activities for the civilians of East Gouta, who took shelter in the district of al-Bab, which was saved by the Operation Euphrates Shield.

By the Gaziantep Representation Office of İMKANDER, various foodstuff such as fruits, chocolate, biscuits, wafers and toys were distributed to 1500 children of East Gouta.

Gaziantep Representative of İMKANDER, Said Göktere stated that the activities for the people in need in Syria continue in his statement to the AA reporter.

Gökdere, expressing that they are conducting activities for the civilians of East Gouta, who were forced to take shelter in al-Bab stated the following:

“People are in a miserable condition. They could only take their bags with them. As they were under blockade for years, all the children are sick. We established a kitchen there, we are distributing food. We are distributing various gifts and treats to make our children happy. There are children who have not eaten bananas or chocolates before. We saw children trying to eat bananas without peeling the skin and got so sad.”

Gökdere, saying that they are going to provide footwear aid to 250 children in two days with the support of a philanthropist, stated that “We are periodically providing breakfast and food aid. We invite philanthropist to provide support before the eid al-fitr.”

 Source : Anatolian News Agency


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