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Our 2018 Graduates

Our 2018 Graduates

İMKANDER Refugee School bids farewell to its 2018 graduates with a modest ceremony.


Children of the refugees, who took shelter in Turkey because of the wars and intense human right violations in their own homelands, continue their education in our country without interruption.

Refugee School, providing services in Başakşehir by İMKANDER, bids farewell to its graduates of the academic year 2017-2018 with a modest ceremony organized in the school building.

The program was commenced with the refugee student’s chants of Quran. Refugee children, most of whom are from Northern Caucasus such as Chechenia, Daghestan, Kabardino-Balkaria and Central Asia countries such as East Turkestan and Uzbekistan, who took shelter in Turkey, sang Turkish songs and recited poems and sang the national anthems of their own countries.

The ceremony ended by giving the students their school cards.

After the graduation ceremony in the Refuge School, İMKANDER distributed a gift card with a value of 100 TRY for holiday clothes and get the children dressed by taking them to a clothing shop.


İMKANDER Refugee School / 2018


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