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Provisions delivered to 4500 families in Aleppo

Provisions delivered to 4500 families in Aleppo

Provisions consisting of basic foodstuff delivered to 4500 families that struggle to survive in Aleppo and nearby villages under siege in Syria.

Clashes between the regime supporters and opponents gradually increase in Aleppo, and relief organisations make great efforts to find a solution for the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Turkey delivers basic foodstuffs to the region through AFAD on a regular basis, and relief organisations from Turkey work in and for the region.

İMKANDER delivered provisions consisting of basic foodstuff to 4500 families that struggle to survive in Aleppo and nearby villages. Aleppo population was 4.5 million before the war and the province is divided into two now. the province is entirely damaged due to air assaults by the regime and by Russia at the regions under opponents' control.


People Could not Show up to Receive Relief

As air assaults intensified, İMKANDER ensured that people showed up in small groups to collect reliefs. The association's storehouse seated in Höllük/Aleppo was targeted and 7 people died in the past few days. To avoid an air assault when delivering reliefs, officers began to do their job by delivering to small groups in villages.

1 Sack of Flour per House

İMKANDER Chairman Murat Özer gave information to Anatolia Agency correspondents about relief activities in and about Aleppo, and said that the association began to deliver one sack of flour per house in the region along with the provisions delivered: "The first thing we did was to re-operate the bread factory when we stepped in Jarabulus. Basic foodstuff is the most urgent requirement in the region. To this end we so far delivered 1 sack of flour per house in the following villages hamlets in  Aleppo: Ayaşa, Mulla Yakup, Kerselli, Kadılar, Algene, Türkmen kubbesi, Yıldız, Zugara, Kuzluca, Kalkim, Ziyaret, Haliliye, Hocalı, Silsile, Kırcıyük, Aynelbira, Elmesefre, Eddebis, Balaban, Beylemun, Amerna, Öküzöldüren, Corten, Karagöz, Baltacık, Zuluf,Taşkapı, Haraba, Haciveli, Kanlı Kuyu, Şamil, Zahir ül Magara, Sireysat, Haccac, Sireysat harabası, Diyar Gazban, El cemil, Böcekli, El Bugat, Balaban. But their need is more than that.".

No children must feel the cold in winter

Underlining that other requirements also become urgent in the region as it gets cold, Özer ended his remarks as follows: we initiated a campaign for children. It is called "No Children Get Cold". Each child will be given a coat, winter boots and a blanker. We expect benefactors to support the campaign.".



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