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The Qurbani is a dream in Africa.

Come turn this dream into reality.


"Neither their flesh, nor their blood, ever reaches Allah. What reaches Him is the righteousness from you. Thus He subdued them to you, that you may glorify Allah for guiding you. And give good news to the charitable." Qur'an, The Pilgrimage-37

Of course, Eid al-Adha is not a meat festival. But in this way, it is possible to make a contribution in eliminating the hunger in the world.

Let the Eid al-Adha be a occasion!

One in four children in the world is undernourished. 300 children die for hunger for every hour and  approx. 2 million children die for hunger each year.

In the last 20 years, although the global hunger index has declined, the nutritional status of children in some countries in Africa is worse than in the 1990s.


In spite of the progress in the fight against starvation, 800 million people are in hunger all over the world. In most countries the main cause of hunger is wars.

According to the 2016 World Hunger Index, despite progress, there are still 800 million people are in danger for hunger in all over the world.

For this reason, İMKANDER gives priority to Africa in this year's Qurbani organization.

Come and donate the Qurbani's share, thus we will built a serenity bridge between us and them.