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Beds delivered to Syrian refugees

Beds delivered to Syrian refugees

İMKANDER teams delivered beds to Syrian families in Istanbul.

İMKANDER teams carry on with aids delivered to refugees that came to Turkey for the ongoing war in Syria.

Our teams delivered beds to Syrian families that were in need in Istanbul.

İMKANDER teams delivered beds to 70 Syrian families in Istanbul.

İMKANDER Vice Chairman Nuray Canan Bezirgan made a statement regarding the matter: "We pay short visits to each Syrian family in Istanbul to deliver beds. War stricken women, veteran soldiers, and children meet us. We have brought loves and respect to you from those children. One of the most important factors for rising against the tyranny imposed on Syrian and other Muslim people in other geographies is to stand by these brothers and sisters in their struggle to survive. It is a duty for each of us to support them. In this context ı would like to take this opportunity to call upon everybody I can: These lands that we are standing on is a territory where global powers make ill attempts constantly, it is therefore covered in blood and tear. Millions of Syrian with no place to go migrated to our country. And this inevitably puts a great responsibility on our shoulder. As ordered by God, we unite in faith and it is a priority for us to work for satisfying their needs and requirements. İMKANDER endeavours to support oppressed people that are under blockage in Syria, and also the refugees that managed to arrive in Turkey. Support from all benefactors will be appreciated to the Winter Campaign launched for this purpose.".


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