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Chechens on guard for Turkey

Chechen-Caucasian refugees living in Istanbul meet up upon İMKANDER's call in Istanbul to condemn failed coup attempt and to act with solidarity with the people of Turkey. They walk to Istanbul Police Department's building.

Chechens on guard for Turkey


Chechen-Caucasian refugees living in Istanbul condemned the failed coup attempt of July 15. meeting up upon İMKANDER's call, the refugees walked from Fatih to Vatan Avenue where Istanbul police Department is located.

Marching and shouting slogans of "No surrender! Chechens Stand by You", "Caucasian Refugees Shoulder to shoulder with the Turkish People!" Chechen refugees walked saying Allahu Akbar and they were cheerfully met at the square.

"No one can beat the ummah"

İMKANDER Chairman Murat Özer gave a little speech in front of the Police Department and said that Caucasian refugees that took shelter in Turkey because of the Russian occupation of their homeland and people of Turkey band together. He continued as follows: "Caucasian refugees who took shelter in turkey to due Russian occupation on their homeland banded together with the people of Turkey against the coup plotters. Those that became martyr on the face of coup plotters made history. Presence of Turkey is a supporting point not only for them but also for all Islam ummah, and Turkey means resistance to oppression. Our ummah, hand in hand with the Turks, Kurds, Arab and Chechen, demonstrated that it would never surrender to derogation. Neither Russia, nor FETÖ, USA or global powers may beat the ummah.".

Ahmet Umarov, the Caucasian People Convention General Secretary gave a speech on behalf of Caucasian refugees and underlined that Caucasian people and Turkey stood by the people of Turkey, adding that they were all ready and willing to die for their brothers and sisters.

Turkmen give support too

The Turkmen Sultan Murad Tümeni, who fought against Syrian's Assad's regime, supported by sending a solidarity message at the press release.

Protests at Vatan Avenue ended with prayers of Sheikh Zabady for Turkey's victory. Sheikh Zabady took shelter in Turkey due to el Sisi's coup in Egypt. Many burst into tears during prayers.

Caucasian refugees carried on with their "watch against the coup plotters" in front of the Police Department and stayed on the square after the press release.


Our Activities
Tümünü gör

We started "Giveaway Food Donation" Campaign for our sisters and brothers in the earthquake area.

We delivered your sacrifices to the people in need

We delivered sacrificial meat to tens of thousands of people.

The Kemal Karaca Complex is open for service

The Kemal Karaca Complex, which we built as MKANDER in Uganda, Africa, was bring into service.

Ramadan support to Syria continues

During the month of Ramadan in Africa, we contribute to the climate of brotherhood by setting up tables of hearts every day.

Food and winter clothing aid in al-Bab

In the refugee camps in al-Bab, Syria, we delivered hot meals to one thousand 200 families and winter clothes to 650 children.

They ll be remembered with mercy until eternity

IMKANDER continues to drill water wells in Africa in the name of the Martyrs of July the 15th.

We delivered the sacrifices to the aggrieved

Our brothers wait in hope under the shadow of a fierce war.

We shared our table in Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, IMKANDER endeavoured to contribute to the solidarity of brotherhood with iftar tables in Syria and Africa.