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UN Overturned Campaign Initiated by the Russia against IMKANDER

UN Overturned Campaign Initiated by the Russia against IMKANDER

UN Security Committee rejected The Russia’s application in regard to preventing IMKANDER’s activities

The Russian’s Waste of Effort, Victory of Legal System!


IMKANDER Continue Down the Road!

September 12, 2013


The Russia continues its colonial domination on innumerable countries situated in the regions that stretch from Center Asia to Caucasia, from Baltic Sea to Eastern Europe since 69 years beginning from Soviet Union empery. The people of the world began to hope by considering dissolution of Stalinist oppression since 1991, which disregards all kind of freedom, whatsoever. On the other hand, the process is unfortunately under progress in “new illegality” process initiated by occupation of Chechnya by The Russian Federation in 1994, leaving 250 thousands victims, 42 thousands of which being children, together with 300 thousand immigrants. The Russian didn’t conceal her disturbance on “humanitarian activities” of all legal entities and associations extending helping hand to these immigrants.

Having established on a concrete foundation for the cause of making legal problems of the immigrants, in particular Caucasians, a current issue, the Russia has gone to any extreme for preventing IMKANDER’s activities, including open threats, until now.

Finally, her application filed at the beginning of March in this year to United Nations Security Council for preventing our activities and relates our association to “the terror” was overturned by the member of Council members, including United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, USA and Azerbaijan.

The presentation of Mikael Storsjö, Finnish citizen, former Deputy and owner of Kavkazcenter News Agency and İsa Cebrailov, former president of Caucasian Journalist Union and now living in Sweden in exile cited by the Russia as the “members of Al Qaeda Organization” has been interesting sample for how a state “lost her mind”.

We are grateful to all member countries, Human Right organizations and those owners and employees of the international news agencies throughout the world, who have observed their best diligence to prevent such a shameful initiative of the Russia, by taking the side of “the law”, “immigrants” and “civil society” with their efforts observed in the Council by taking our and immigrants side. On the other hand, we consider that the suggestions made to us for closure of our associations, which may be considered as pressure to do so, instead of encouraging our activities in regard to save the legitimacy and resist opposing forces in this regard we were facing since last six months as nothing but their ignorance on “the human right” inspirations and understanding of genuine civil society organizations.

The Russia’s efforts to prevent the activities of our associations have been nothing but our legitimacy in regard to our cause we conduct. We hereby announce with our respect that, irrespective the conditions we are faced, we will continue in our way to be side by side with all our immigrant brothers in bringing their cause into the agenda and extend our helping hand to those war widows and orphans.

 Murat Özer

 President of IMKANDER


Speech Delivered by Mikael Storsjö in International Caucasian Conference

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